About Rapak

Friendly, Flexible Packaging Solutions for Liquids

Our mission is to help customers and industries recognise the commercial and logistical advantages of flexible packaging and Bag-in-Box solutions. Bag-in-Box is an attractive, cost efficient packaging with excellent environmental credentials that provides the best protection for packaged liquids, including wine, beer, post-mix syrup, oil, juice and water.

Bag-in-Box offers many economic and practical benefits throughout the supply chain:

  • easy dispensing
  • major efficiency gains
  • excellent cost/performance ratio
  • lower storage costs
  • increased hygiene
  • longer shelf life

These advantages enable manufacturers and retailers to gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Liquid packaging solutions

We have experience in providing aseptic packaging and standard liquid filling systems to customers in a broad range of markets. Also, our standard bags, aseptic bags, and bulk containers (IBC) are all available in an array of films to suit your specific liquid.

While also offering aseptic and non-aseptic liquid packaging solutions, we specialize in an extensive range of filling equipment. Customers can choose anything from manual, semi-automatic single head fillers to fully automated multi-head filling machines for filling fresh and stable liquids plus UHT, aseptic, pasteurised, and sensitive liquids.