Spilling the Tea about Rapak’s Urn-liners

June is National Iced Tea Month, so why not celebrate with a safer quality, better tasting iced tea beverage with Rapak’s Urn-liners

DS Smith Plastics’, Rapak had record iced tea and coffee Urn-liner sales in 2018, providing a fresh and safe beverage for consumers to drink at some of the largest dine-in restaurant, quick service restaurant and convenience store chains in the United States.

With Rapak’s patented Urn-liner technology and dispensing spigot, the tea product is never in contact with the metal urn, or decanter. This allows for a quality tasting beverage free from off-flavors such as cleaning chemical residue or microbial contamination from improper cleaning practices. In addition, Urn-liners provide many operational efficiencies such as easier cleaning processes and less damaged equipment.

Urn-liners are easy to install and use with a changeover process taking less than one minute. Protect your most profitable beverage this summer with Rapak’s Urn-liners!

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